Dead Sea Mud and Crushed Amethyst Face Mask
Dead Sea Mud and Crushed Amethyst Face Mask
Dead Sea Mud and Crushed Amethyst Face Mask
Dead Sea Mud and Crushed Amethyst Face Mask
Dead Sea Mud and Crushed Amethyst Face Mask

Dead Sea Mud and Crushed Amethyst Face Mask

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Dead Sea Mud and Crushed Amethyst Face Mask

When I was a kid, my sisters and I used to head to the town lake to cool off from the Alabama heat. Lake Jackson's floor was a layer or so of soft sand and underneath- a dark grey soft clay. 
My eldest sister told us to smear it all over our bodies if we wanted to have super soft and beautiful skin. Obviously, we did- much to my sister's amusement. 
She got a laugh out of it- but, it did, in fact, produce the desired results! 

While Alabama mud was great when I was seven, I've decided to go a slightly different route for my skincare needs now   I'm delighted to offer it to you! 

Containing only what you need, and nothing you don't:

  • Dead Sea mud is rich in minerals that offer a number of healing benefits for the skin. 
  • Crushed amethyst gives this luxurious mud mask its exfoliating action.
  • The essential oils have been carefully selected to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as, brighten and heal the skin.
  • Imprinted with Mytech biotechnology, the 7.83Hz works to enhance each ingredient and stabilize your body's cell function- in other words, you're getting maximum benefits. 

Each ingredient has been thoughtfully sourced from ethically responsible businesses whose values are in line with my own- and, yours.  


To Use: Cleanse away dead skin cells by applying about a quarter size of mud to your damp face and neck, working gently in a circular motion. For best results, I recommend applying a warm-hot cloth to your face beforehand to really open up those pores. If you don't have time, don't sweat it. Once you have a light to medium layer of mud on, let it dry for 3-30 minutes and remove with warm-hot water and a clean cloth. 
I like to apply this before a shower so I can just take it off then. 

While skin is still damp, apply your favorite face moisturizer. I recommend the Whipped Shea Face & Body Butter

The container is made of rust-resistant steel and is imprinted with 7.83Hz as well. These (pictured) are available while supplies last. Then, the packaging will be shifted to our compostable packaging (similar to the Lip Balm or Butter Stick- but, in a pot instead of a push-up) in an effort to be completely zero-waste.

When you purchase The Dead Sea Mud with Crushed Amethyst Face Mask, you are supporting small businesses, women-run businesses, reforestation, and our collective mission to heal our bodies and our world. 




Many Propriis consumers have reported that their various types of pain and skin issues were either diminished or eliminated after use. While this is easily explained due to the Mystech technology and combination of ingredients used, I am legally obligated to inform you that:  

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