Pre-5G Dragon Scale Necklace
Pre-5G Dragon Scale Necklace
Pre-5G Dragon Scale Necklace
Pre-5G Dragon Scale Necklace
Pre-5G Dragon Scale Necklace

Pre-5G Dragon Scale Necklace

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Schumann, Sun, and Silver

O, My!

Stunning unisex necklace handcrafted by Portland's local Chainmail Smith "Bim" Ditson. The combination of his craftsmanship and Mystech's Imprinting Technology create one of our most unique pieces to date!

The Scale Pendants work the exact same with the only variation being its color. Rather you choose the Light Scale or Dark Scale is completely up to each individual's style and preference. Either way, this offers the highest levels of protection of its kind.

These are the Frequencies in combination we have chosen as our best defense to our current understanding of 5G. Using a proprietary process of Imprinting, we have created a device in the form of a necklace to help combat the understood dangers of 5G. 

There are still years of research to do and much more understanding to come of what 5G is capable of entirely. With that in mind, we call this "Pre 5G" as our best current understanding of the potential harms of 5G. As we gather more data and further our research, we may continue to tweak and/or upgrade this device.

Black - Imprinted to 7.83hz at Level 2.5(our highest intensity we've ever offered). Also known as the Schumann Resonance, has been shown to stabilize Proton Alignment. This helps remove Electromagnetic Pollution from the body, allowing it to function at a more optimal rate. You can find out more information about this here.


Silver - Imprinted to the Silver Frequency 43.3hz! With so much information about 5G attacking and affecting the Immune System in ways we have not seen before, we chose one of the scales to be Imprinted to the natural known Frequency for boosting the Immune System.  


Gold - Imprinted to the Frequency of the Sun! (Proprietary Frequency) 5G is being placed in ways that will create much denser electromagnetic fields. 5G cannot travel as far so the towers are being placed much closer together. Due to this new powerful blanket of 5G EMF, parts of the Sun's natural Spectrum will not penetrate and we will be "cut off" in a sense from those parts of the Spectrum. By Imprinting the gold scale to the Frequency of the Sun, we intend to rebalance out at least some of what we could be blocked off from. Feedback on this exact Frequency alone is said to be "like having a mini Sun inside me". People are reporting more brightness in their mood, more clarity in thought, and a new drive to take action! 


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