13 Ways to Boost Your Mood FAST Naturally



Hi Sunshine <3

It's springtime but life's not always a garden of roses. 

Even the cheeriest of us have tough days and need a pick-me-up so, whether you're always a glum chum or just need a dose of sunshine, here are 13 ways to boost your mood naturally: 


1. Get a good night’s rest. 7-8 hours is the typical recommendation as the aim is to get 3-5 REM cycles in, but if you’re using the biotech, your brain will enter REM faster and deeper so this number may be lower for you.


2. Drink plenty of water. Ever see a sad plant perk right up after being watered? Our bodies are up to 60% water, only 20-30% less than a plant! Stay hydrated to help keep your body, especially vital organs, functioning correctly and your thoughts and mood positive. 


3. Exercise releases endorphins and reduces cortisol. In other words, it makes you feel happy while lowering your stress levels =D


4. Eat foods rich in vitamins B-3, B-9, C, and D, and Omega-3 fatty acids such as dark leafy greens, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, bananas, berries, papaya, nuts, seeds, oats, grains, beans, avocados, salmon, red herring, mackerel, and dark chocolate (yum). 


5. Stretch. Some simple stretches may do the trick but if you’re feeling particularly low, opting for a few yoga poses or a whole flow may be your best bet. As we store emotions in our hips, doing some hip openers would be very beneficial. Inversions, such as downward facing dog, can also help ease the mind and reduce anxiety. 


7. Turn up the tunes! We are energy beings and music is one of the fastest ways to shift our energy. Put on something positive and uplifting and let the music do the rest <3 If you need something more meditative, try 432hz or 528hz binaural beats (headphones for best results) on YouTube. 


8. Get into nature. There’s so much science to back this up, but sure we’ve all experienced it enough we don’t need to be told that going for a hike, to the beach, or even for a walk in the park (or backyard) can have some seriously uplifting effects. If you want to check out the science anyway, watch the first documentary at the end of this link


9. Take a shower, bath, or go for a swim. Water purifies, it washes everything away and allows new and fresh energy to come to life. Water is the fastest way to change your energy (even if it’s not sadness you’re feeling, want to change your energy? Do this). 


10. Practice gratitude. Nothing can change your attitude quicker than gratitude. Water changes your energy, gratitude changes your attitude ;) Often when we’re downcast it’s a very woe is me sort of feel. Hard to feel woeful when we’re listing a bunch of reasons to be thankful!


11. Shut off the screens and open a book, go for a walk, have an in person conversation, or talk to yourself (maybe even your higher-self =] ).


12. Get creative! I find I’m happier and more productive when I allow myself time and space to be creative. Usually, this is in the kitchen for me (have I told you how much I love food? <3 ), but sometimes I work on other things like gardening, coloring a new vision board, or some other weird project that sounds like a good idea at the time. You don’t have to be “good” at it. Just have fun with it (that’s what I tell myself anyway =D ). 


13. Do something for someone else. Sometimes the best way to get out of your own head is to stop thinking about yourself and do something nice for someone else. Plus, it's nice to be nice and this can create happy chemicals for both of you!

I would say to get some sunshine, but depending on what your season is looking like and how far along your area is in the 5G rollout, that may be a more challenging option. 

You could get a plant light like this one here as an indoor “sun” option. 

You can also check out the Pre-5G pendant which includes the Schumann resonance (reported countless times to boost mood and even obliterate depression), the frequency of the sun, and colloidal silver (boosts immune system)

I hope something in this list makes you smile as much as you make me =) 







PS- Know someone who’s feeling blue? Reach out and let them know you care, share this post with them and give them a smile.  

May is mental health awareness month. If you know or think someone may be suffering out loud or silently, don’t ignore them. Sometimes, we all just need somebody to simply be there.  

If you need more than the tips on this list, reach out to a friend or family member, or talk to a professional. You’re not alone even if it’s how you feel, I promise <3 I'm only ever an email or dm away too!


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