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I used to be fat, was always told I was fat as a child, had 32% body fat at 18, had an eating disorder from 17-21, was super insecure, and was always looking for the thing that was going to magically make my fat disappear.

Fast Forward to Q1 of 2021, where I've taken my body from "obese" to the "fitness" range, adopted a healthy lifestyle, gained lean muscle mass, built strength and self-confidence, as well as a healthy relationship with food- and myself. 

I'm working on creating my own educational and transformational platform and shock the world with the impact I'm going to forge and perfect for everyone that wants the change in their life they thought they'd get from implementing a healthy lifestyle for themselves and for their families too.

As well as have the goal of 6pack abs and an ass that won't quit by summer 2021!

Want a change in your life?

Take full responsibility for your life. Every action you’ve taken today has lead and built you to who and where you are today.

Stop playing the victim.

Once you do both these things, decide what you want in life and accept that you can achieve anything you’ve ever wanted.

If I can do it, you can too.



Left: My 19th birthday, after I’d lost some weight. 
Right: Me at 30 <3 

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