The Science

Unraveling the Mystery of EMFs and Your Health

Imagine our bodies as intricate electrical networks, each having our own electromagnetic fields or EMFs. Every electronic device has its own EMF too, emitting frequencies that are alien to the human body, causing a disruption to our cellular functions.

Recall the strange sound when your cell phone rang near a radio? That's what interference sounds like. It's precisely what happens to your body when you're within about 5,000 feet—one mile or 1.5 km—of any electronic device.
Ever noticed the refreshing feeling when you go on a hike or beach trip? Your body is relieving itself from EMF pollution and reverting to its natural resonant frequency.

To clarify, the signals in your nervous system navigate through distorted paths because EMFs misalign your protons. This misalignment amplifies pain signals, for instance.

Think back to the children's toy with the metal filings and the magnetic pen. The filings form shapes as the magnet arranges them—a process very similar to how resonant frequency works. Like the magnet, resonant frequency realigns your protons when your body is within about 1 inch of it.

By wearing an item encoded with your body's (and Earth's) natural resonant frequency of 7.83hz, EMFs are dispersed and your protons are readjusted. As a result, signals can travel clearly and efficiently through your nervous system!
Such a process promotes improved balance, flexibility, strength and reduces pain. It brings your body back to its optimum state, thereby enhancing recovery and overall functioning. You may experience faster muscle recovery, fewer sick days, less reliance on medications, and better sleep as it encourages a deeper REM cycle.

While not approved by the FDA, over 15 years of customer feedback with 5,000+ people for each specific condition revealed a 25-65% improvement in a range of symptoms within their first week of using the technology. What's even more promising is its potential benefits for Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's Disease, awaiting recognition.

Astonishing, isn't it? 😱

Hear it From the Physicists Who Don't Even Know About Us!

Resonance Beings of Frequency

This documentary was done by 3rd party physicists based in the UK. They explain what EMFs are and how they affect our bodies and our environment.
They also introduce you to the Schumann Resonance (which is the natural frequency of the surface of the planet as well as your body!): 

The Earthing Movie

Based on the book Earthing, is a documentary that came out in November 2019. It features experts in science, medicine, and holistic healing who explain how earthing (aka grounding) affects the human body. Just follow the link to watch on YouTube ;)

Live Blood Analysis

This is a live blood analysis done on a woman who never wore our technology and again after just four hours of wearing our bracelets: