The Science

Our bodies are big electric circuit boards. Every other electronic emits frequencies that are foreign to the human body. These frequencies disrupt the way our bodies function on a cellular level. 
Think about when a cell phone rings when you're listening to the radio- you hear distortion or interference. That's two electromagnetic fields (EMFs) interfering with each other. This is the same thing that happens to your body when you are within approximately 5,000 ft (nearly a mile or 1.5 km!) of anything electronic.
You know when you go hiking or to the beach and you feel much better? That's your body returning to its natural resonant frequency by diffusing EMF pollution from your body.  
To give you some context- any signals that are traveling through your nervous system are traveling in very distorted pathways because your protons are out of alignment due to EMF interference. This amplifies and radiates pain signals, for example. 
Remember the children's toy with the metal filings and a magnetic tip pen? The filings stand on end to make a picture as the magnet draws them into place. Resonant frequency works in much the same way. By wearing something imprinted with your body (and the Earth's) natural resonant frequency, EMFs are diffused and your protons get realigned; resulting in clear pathways for those signals traveling through your nervous system. 
This equates to better balance, improved flexibility, reduced pain, and greater strength. Your body is also now in its optimal state and can repair itself much faster. This means faster muscle recovery, less sick days, reduced or eliminated prescription drugs, and improved rest as it puts your brain into a deeper REM cycle much quicker. 
Mystech has 10 years of customer feedback with 5,000+ people (for each individual ailment) reporting 25-65% improvements in pain, fibromyalgia, OCD, ADHD, flexibility, migraines, mood, rotator cuff, focus, carpal tunnel, vertigo, energy, arthritis, tennis elbow, sciatica, back pain, motion sickness, muscle mobility, tremors, memory, and joint pain  within their first week of wearing the technology. They are a handful away from adding Alzheimers, dementia, and Parkinson's Disease to this list!
Since your body absorbs around 60% of what you put on it, you are absorbing this technology to really put your body in its most optimal state. Imprinting the ingredients and their containers ensures the ingredients themselves are in their best state by changing their molecular structures. Now, these high-quality ingredients in their peak performance ability get applied to your skin, putting your body in its optimal state to absorb the amazing benefits they have to offer-  including Mystech technology! 
I like to think of it as magick- but, in reality it's just science! Which, is pretty magickal 
This documentary was done by 3rd party physicists based in the UK. They explain what EMFs are and how they affect our bodies and our environment. They also introduce you to the Schumann Resonance (which is the natural frequency of the earth and your body): 
The Earthing Movie- based on the book Earthing, is a documentary that came out in November 2019. It features experts in science, medicine, and holistic healing who explain how earthing (aka grounding) affects the human body. 

This is a recent live blood analysis done on a woman pre-Mystech and again after just four hours of wearing Mystech technology: