From Our Heart to Yours

Hey there, and welcome to Propriis - your new best friend in navigating toward a life filled with joy, health, and purpose. I started this journey with one simple goal - to make wellness easy and accessible for everyone. 

Over time, Propriis has grown from a small skincare brand into a hub for all things

health, offering wearable tech, personalized coaching, and a community passionate about living in sync with our beautiful planet.


Here’s the essence of what we do:

We're here to make things simple. Life’s complicated enough, right? Our mission is all about stripping back the unnecessary and focusing on what truly matters. We believe in living naturally, reducing waste, and nurturing our relationship with the Earth. Because taking care of our planet and our health goes hand in hand.


We're all about innovation. With the latest in resonant frequency technology from our friends at Mystech, we’re pushing boundaries in health and wellness. Whether it’s protecting you from the unseen dangers of EMFs or offering products that sync with your body’s rhythm, we’re all in on finding new ways to support your well-being.


Personalized to your needs. We understand that everyone’s health journey is unique. That’s why our offerings, from products to programs, are tailored to you. Because one size doesn’t fit all, and your path to wellness should be as unique as you are.


Why Choose Us? Well, because we care. We're on this adventure together, and your dream of a balanced, joyful life is ours too. With us, you’re not just choosing products; you’re joining a movement toward a better, healthier world.


Ready to make the dream your reality? Join us. It’s going to be an exciting ride.


With warmth and excitement,

Your Propriis family