Hey Stunner!

I’m Nadia and this is my baby, Propriis <3 


As a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, sports nutritionist, environmentalist, teacher, and all-natural skincare creator, my aim is to bring you the best in products, services, and education that I possibly can to help you live your best life while we, together, make the world an even better place =D 


Propriis began as an all-natural skincare brand and evolved into a marque of health and wellness. Today, Propriis is a full-spectrum offering of products and services for coaching in nutrition, exercise, mindset, and education on how to improve your health mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 


You will find only 100% sustainable products on offer here, with the exception of our Bluetooth earbuds (you can read about why on the product page). We aim to source from suppliers whose mission and values are in line with our own. These sources often include small, local businesses, women and/or minority owned and operated businesses, those who support various charities and/or development of rural areas, as well as those who also strive for excellence in their commitment to the environment. 


Our Handmade Skincare products are crafted with love and high-quality all-natural ingredients and packaged in 100% backyard compostable material.

While the ingredients themselves will leave your skin luxuriously healthy and smooth, the resonant frequency technology used in them has also been touted to heal skin issues and even reduce or eliminate pain in the body. 


Our Biotech Jewelry is a collection of metal and mineral materials to ensure they aren’t contributing to environmental pollution. These products use the same resonant frequency technology and only need to be within 1” of the body continuously to reap the insane benefits. Of course, this technology is 100% science-based, very unlike any other technology you’ve ever heard of, and was created based on the works of Nikola Tesla. You can learn more about The Science behind the technology here


Any physical products will be shipped in recycled biodegradable kraft material. If you receive anything outside of this criteria, rest assured, it was recycled from our own received shipments! Any inserts, business cards, or filler (if any) will also be zero-waste and probably plantable!. 


Less is more at Propriis. We are vessels and when we are empty, we have room to be filled with what the universe wants to bless us with. This is just one reason why we take the minimalist approach in all things. I will never offer something that won’t add value to your life in some way. Everything has been very thoughtfully designed at Propriis to ensure that we are optimizing, simplifying, and progressing every aspect of our lives from who and how we are to how we show up and be of service in the world. 


I am truly and deeply blessed to have you join me on this incredible journey to becoming better versions of ourselves to create a better version of our world. I look forward to helping you on your journey in any way that I’m able and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do so!