Propriis- beautifully natural, because you’re naturally beautiful

60% of what we put on our bodies can be absorbed into it- imagine all the synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals, preservatives, etc that we wash and moisturise with, then put it in a plastic container..or worse, a multi-material container that can't even be recycled. That's a lot of toxicity!

The direct opposite of that is the Propriis brand.

Propriis LLC is a brand new all-natural skin care company currently based out of Portland, OR. Our purpose is to provide a product line that is made without harsh chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to our bodies and the planet. Instead, we replace these with only natural high-quality ingredients that are any combination of the following: locally sourced, organic, USDA approved, non-GMO, and natural. At Propriis, we aim to source our materials from companies that are committed to the “green-movement”, sustainable and ethical sourcing, environmental rescue project supporters, and/or those suppliers that support the growth of rural and underdeveloped areas. We strive to be as close to zero-waste as possible by providing you with packaging that is easily recyclable, compostable or reusable to reflect our values on reducing our carbon footprints. Furthermore, our products are only tested on humans- never animals. The whole point is that our planet and our bodies need saving from the damage we are causing both every day. From the ingredients to the packaging we strive for sustainability for a healthier planet and a healthier you. 

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