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Kfibre is a gut health range of products created by Health Food Symmetry (HFS), a fresh Australian company that specializes in high-level science-supported nutraceuticals that support optimal digestive health.


HFS is excited to introduce the next generation of natural gut health products that combine the prebiotic power of Kfibre with the latest research in microbiome & probiotic science.


Kfibre Originals, the ultimate prebiotic for gut health (used and recommended by expert IBS Dietitian Joanna Baker), and Kfibre Pro formulations, are a joint creation between the Kfibre scientists and Joanna. These products are designed to provide advanced gut health prebiotics & probiotics that deliver real dietary solutions to dietary issues.


Kfibre Original & Kfibre Pro products are Monash Low FODMAP certified, the measure of trust when it comes to IBS and FODMAP sensitivities.

 KFibre Original Gut Health Fibre

KFibre Dietary Indigestion & Bloating


KFibre Dietary Constipation Support



About HFS (Health Food Symmetry)

The HFS mission is to support consumers with the latest gut health research on prebiotic and symbiotic formulations to empower positive health decisions.


Health Food Symmetry is also a proud Australian company that supports the sustainability of our health and the health of our planet. They are on target to offset all carbon for their energy requirements, utilize recyclable materials whenever possible that satisfy food safety, and sugarcane is one of the fastest-growing agricultural crops capturing carbon like few other plants. HFS brings the word sustainable into the sugar industry like never before.


Kfibre is available at 440 Australian stores including pharmacies, health food & supplement retailers (https://kfibre.com/stockists-store-finder/), and selected dietitians & clinicians. 


Distributors include GoVita, Oborne Health Supplies, Vital.ly, and online at www.kfibre.com.


If you can’t tell if your supplement or diet is making any true difference, try Kfibre, you will feel the difference from the inside out.


"I recommend Kfibre to my patients; Kfibre is low FODMAP certified, but more importantly, it works" – Joanna Baker APD|RN



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