9 Keys to Creating the Life you WANT to Live


Hey Beautiful!

I’ve been having some really great conversations with friends, family, and clients lately about resonance, mindset, and manifestation and I wanted to share some useful insights and tips with you. 



Firstly, it’s key to understand that everything is energy. Because everything is energy, everything has its own resonance.

The second key is to understand that the strongest resonance will always dominate. 

We can see examples of this when we’re in a really great mood and someone in a horrible mood comes around us. Whoever’s vibe (aka, resonance) is stronger will have the greater impact on the other person. 

Either your mood will start to become less and less positive, or the person in that bad mood will perk up and come over to the light side (Star Wars could totally be another great example =D ). 

We’ve all heard the saying:

“Your thoughts create your reality.”

They do and here’s what this really means...

Whatever thoughts you give your energy to is what you feed. What you feed grows, right? 

Your thoughts are also energy and the resonance that they build gets sent out to the universe like putting in an order at a restaurant

The order gets taken and what you stared at the longest on the menu (and then asked for, or the waiter assumed that’s what you wanted because you wouldn’t tell them) is what you got. 


Remember, the strongest resonance will dominate. 



So, you’re going to find that whatever you think about the most becomes your reality. This can be positive or negative, so choose wisely

While you cannot stop your thoughts, you can choose what your thoughts are

When you catch a negative thought, stop it in its tracks and change it to a positive one. 


You can practice slowing down, observing, and changing or choosing your thoughts through practicing meditation and mindfulness.



Now, let’s take it a step further. 

Think of something that you really want or need in your life. 

Imagine how you would feel if you had this thing or experience. 

What does it look like? What emotions or sensations do you feel in this place or with this thing? 


This is how you create resonance. 



Get really ultra specific on what you want or need and ask for it. 


Think it. 

Say it. 

Post pictures up of it where you’ll see it often. 

Imagine you already have it. 

Operate as if you already have it. 


This is how you build resonance. 

If what you ask for is in your best interest and harms no one, the universe will lovingly deliver it to you. 


It doesn’t end here. 


This is the part most people miss when it comes to manifestation... 



Have you ever been given something or even given something to someone and the response was “OMG, I can’t accept this! It’s really too generous. Thank you so much, but I simply cannot accept this”.

Probably so, right?  


All too often, the universe is trying to bestow these wonderful gifts on us and we’re continuously saying, “no thank you… I’m not worthy”

You HAVE GOT to believe in yourself. Value yourself. Love yourself.
It’s what we’re all too often seeking in our relationships with others yet won’t even give ourselves. 


Well, my love, if you won’t value and love you, who the feck will...or can


The universe wants to, but until YOU love you and understand your VALUE, even the universe can’t love you in the way it truly, truly wants to. 

Finally, you have to understand that you are a vessel. You can only hold so much before you reach capacity. 

If you hold onto beliefs, emotions, or things that no longer serve you, you’re unable to accept the blessings coming to you because you haven’t the capacity to receive them. 



If you want to start creating the life and reality that you want to live, you have GOT to start manifesting with intention. 



Here’s how:

  1. Understand that everything is energy (you, your thoughts, and everything else).
  2. Understand that the strongest resonance will always dominate.
  3. Practice meditation so you can slow down and observe your thoughts. 
  4. Stop negative thoughts and choose positive ones instead. 
  5. Focus your energy on POSITIVE thoughts AND positive SELF-TALK
  6. Cut off sources of negative energy and energy vampires. 
  7. Practice being in a state of gratitude. 
  8. Purge everything that no longer serves you- whether material, emotional, or otherwise. 
  9. Get CLEAR about what you want, and ASK for it. 




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Happy manifesting💃




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