Effortless Creation: The Beauty of Being in Flow 💚


Hi there!


Here’s a fun story from when I was on holiday in Northern Vietnam… 

Girl, the scenery alone was enough to keep me in a rather constant attitude of gratitude 😍


Thankfully, again, there were no current COVID cases in Vietnam, borders remained closed, and that meant most of this incredible scenery was taken in largely in solitude.  

The universe has a very funny way of giving us what we want, even when we don’t know exactly what that might be...

The day before I left, half of my travel plans were canceled. Having no time to make new arrangements before heading off, I set out for what would officially be my least planned trip. Ever. And you know I travel, a LOT

It became clear after a couple more days of still not being able to figure out what my onward plans would be, that the universe had completely sorted my plans out for me. Requiring literally zero effort on my part beyond just being me- and, at virtually zero cost

I say all this to tell you that, when we stay in the attitude of gratitude, even when everything seems totally effed and uncertain, it’s easier to stay in flow

When we’re in flow, everything falls perfectly into place. 

Trust that the universe already has a plan that is actually even more aligned with your heart and soul’s desires…and needs

People often want to learn manifestation before learning to practice gratitude. Perhaps, what they don’t know is that manifestation often comes through gratitude

The universe is mental. What you focus your thoughts on becomes your reality. 

This is manifestation. Whether it’s what you want or not, it’s what you’re creating consciously and unconsciously.

This is why it’s so incredibly important to practice meditation- so you can learn to focus your thoughts more intentionally. 

If this sounds difficult, starting with gratitude meditation is a great way to go (really, it’s the best place to start, always).

Everything is energy, from our thoughts to our beings, to our entire world and Every. Single. Thing. in it. This means everything has a resonance

Resonance is how manifestation works



When considering the Law of Resonance, as we must in all things, we can know this to be true as the strongest resonance will dominate, causing the weaker vibration to take on the resonance of the stronger. 

Think about when someone in a really bad mood came around you when you were pretty happy.
You probably either said “get outta here with that!” so they wouldn’t have the opportunity to potentially dominate your resonance; or, you became upset too. 


In the reverse situation, if you were really happy and someone a bit upset came around, that person’s mood probably changed, at least some, by being around you. 

This is the Law of Resonance at play. 

Did you practice some gratitude this week? Did you notice any changes? 

How about manifestation? Did you notice anything you thought come into being


Maybe a person you were thinking of contacted you out of the blue or you said the phrase “I was just thinking that!” at least once…?

The more aware you are, the more you will begin to understand how resonance and manifestation work. Then you’ll be well on your way to being able to practice manifestation more intentionally and begin creating the reality you want to experience =D 


Have a beautiful week manifesting, creating, and acknowledging all the wonderfulness to be ever so thankful for, beautiful 🥰





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