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I was in The Burdekin in Queensland Australia, finishing my rural work bartending shift when this intense pain shot through my low back and I literally thought I might die right there. 

Doctors in Ayr, exceptionally kind though they were, had no idea what was wrong with me. 

Three days passed and I hadn't had a BM (TMI? 😜 get over it, we've all been here😭😅) - what new pain this was 😣


My colleague, thank the stars, offered me some KFibre.

I'd never heard of it but they absolutely swore this was the best thing since Vegemite 👀

I took them up on their offer and 20 minutes later was an ecstatic, dancing believer 💃


WTF was this magic? 
How did it work SO fast?! 
Why is it so significantly better than all the other fiber products I've tried???
How was there no disgusting gelatinous sh*t to choke down??


I needed answers....


As it would happen, the couple that occasionally came 'round for lunch were the founders and producers of KFibre

Personally, I LOVE knowing where my products are coming from, how they're made, why they're made, and if they're being produced ethically and sustainably. 



When I talked to Gordon and Janine Edwards about KFibre, they filled me in on why it's so incredible...


  • It's Australian sourced and produced - right there where I was living!
  • It's 100% natural and completely plant-based - speakin' my language! 
  • It's Low FODMAPS certified - notably important as I later learned that massive pain in my back was from SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), which can be reversed with a Low FODMAPS diet and some natural supplements. 
  • It's Gluten-Free - ideal even if you're not gluten-sensitive. 
  • Vegan-Friendly - soooo many reasons this is awesome.
  • Intermittent Fasting suitable - I actually learned about IF while in The Burdekin and have become a HUGE fan. Incredible that sugarcane can be used this way 🤯
  • Helps with weight management - though not a weight loss supplement, having enough fiber in the diet is absolutely key in weight loss and weight management. Kfibre has even done a clinical study to show the effects of using Kfibre to support a healthy gut while working towards your ideal weight. The results were astounding! 
  • It's prebiotic - which RN and IBS Dietician, Joanna Baker recommends significantly more than probiotics for a healthy gut!
  • It contains active phytonutrients - extra resistance to chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, yes please!
  • Supports normal digestion & microbiome
  • Helps maintain regularity & healthy bowel function seriously, 3 days is painful. Longer is even worse (ooo, Thailand, you were so unkind that week😭) and, needless to say, this can lead to holding an extra several pounds 😵‍💫
  • Fights bloat & dietary-cause indigestion
  • AND it's virgin processed


Idk about you, but that list is ticking a LOT of boxes for me 😎👌


As someone who travels frequently, follows a low FODMAPS diet, does IF, and works daily to optimize my health while building a business centered around helping others optimize their health & healing our planet... KFibre is obviously a no-brainer.  


Genuinely, I couldn't be more thrilled to introduce this product to you. It's a kitchen staple for me and I also don't travel anywhere without it now! 

What's super awesome about it too is that it doesn't have a weird texture, it doesn't get all disgustingly gelatinous like other fiber products, and it has no taste. 


I mix this in my yogurt, protein shakes, smoothies, pancakes, scrambled eggs, egg-mix for French toast, and banana oat cookies.


It's SO easy to add to pretty much anything without changing the taste or texture (YAY!). Huge plus because idk if you know this, but it's so hard to find high-quality, natural supplements (especially plant-based) that are actually palatable too 😄😍


This post is specifically referring to the KFibre Original Gut Health Fibre product. Though, once you try this one, I'm sure you're gonna wanna try them all 🤩

When you do, be sure to let me know how KFibre is working for you and share your favorite recipe to add it to! 




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