Operation Energy Reset: #1 - Purge



Hello lovely, 

Recently, I was thrust into a position of transition a bit sooner and fuller than expected. While fear and panic started to creep in, I remembered two things:

-I asked for this

-This is actually exciting af 😁

While I didn’t necessarily ask for it in this way, it was actually exactly what I needed. Fear and panic are easy to submit to. BUT, we get to choose how we accept something and how we’re going to react. So, I chose optimism and excitement because, obviously, that sounds way more fun and way more productive. 

Immediately, my brain created a plan of action. The first thing on that list is what I want to talk to you about today: cleaning and clearing.

Before I could get cracking on my new trajectory, I knew the first thing that must be done is to clean and clear my space. 

Everything needs to be purged of anything and everything that serves no purpose.

Everything needs to be fully cleaned and organized.

In doing this first, I set a clean and clear foundation for everything I’m about to build, both physically and energetically. 

Getting rid of the old stuff, be it clothes I don’t wear, papers, notes, receipts, containers, etc allows space for new things to come into my life that will serve my highest good. 

Cleaning and organizing the physical space also impacts the mental and energetic space as well. Ever noticed how you can work, think, and manifest much better and faster when your space is in order? 😉

So, I spent a few days going between rest, cleaning, organizing, clearing, and finishing old projects. Next, I spent some time resetting my energy in myself and my space. Then, I set my new plan into motion while keeping my thoughts positive and my heart open and accepting of all that the universe wants to send my way. 

I challenge you, beautiful, if you’ve been faced with a new obstacle that may be causing fear and panic, remember that you can choose how to look at and handle the situation. Choose to believe that this is for your growth and your highest good. 

It is not the hardships we face that define us but rather our responses to them

Time under tension only leads to growth. It’s as true for strength training as it is in all things. 

Clean and clear your physical and energetic environment from all that no longer serves you and make room for the magic that’s heading your way right now. 



PS- If you know anyone who’s been having a difficult time lately, be a dear and share this post with them. Maybe a little cleaning and clearing will help them refocus their thoughts and energies in the right direction 💛

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