Operation Energy Reset: #2 - Create

Happy Monday, Dearest!

Last week I told you about my mission of cleaning, clearing, and purging everything as part of my transition process. 

My next step was to reset the energy in myself and my space and I had the most magical realization I am really excited to share with you today 💜

When I had finished with phase one, I sat down to make my new vision board and I was honestly feeling a bit tired after all the cleaning. 

I thought, hmm, maybe I’ll just touch up the coloring on my old board- after all, I didn’t get everything on it yet so, sure it’ll just be the same anyway. 

As I thought this, however, I heard a little voice say “no, make a new one”

“But I can just recolor this one…” I replied to the invisible voice. 

“NO, make a new one. It needs new energy” the nagging voice said (the nag is my higher self when she says something I don’t want to hear, btw lol). 

So, I conceded… FINE, I‘ll make a new one… I’ll just prop up my old one for inspiration

And that’s when I saw it.

I had, in fact, got every single thing on my board. 


Did I get exactly what I asked for? 

No, I didn’t buy three houses… BUT, I did stay in EXACTLY the type I put down….but better: 

an eco-house in a tree and based on a hobbit house- important because I’m in love with all of these but never dreamed they could be rolled into one, 


a garden home with a natural stone tub in a fairy garden near the beach- yes, I asked for those very specific details, and 

This is just the backyard from the tub 😍

a beachfront pool villa - I asked for fully serviced 

The sea is just behind that line of palms 🥰


To the detail, that’s what I asked for.


Did I become financially free in multiple currencies? 

Not yet. BUT, I did manage to get funds started, even in small amounts, in various currencies, and become financially de-stressed.


Did I travel the world, explore, and go on adventures? 

Actually, yes! Of course, I couldn’t travel internationally, but I was fortunate enough to get to explore some parts of Vietnam, which, was still international for me since I’m American 😄 


Did I reach a new level of super health and fitness? 

Yes! I’m still a work in progress, and I always will be. But I have reached greater levels of progress in strength, cardiovascular endurance, physique, and knowledge!


Did I learn magic? 

Yes! Manifestation became my ultimate superpower!!! I’ve also improved my reiki practice 🧡 


I’m not telling you this to brag about the blessings I’ve received. I’m telling you this to say: 


Just because we don’t receive things in the way we expect them doesn’t mean they haven’t come. 

Open your eyes and your heart and be grateful for all the blessings both big and small. Remove expectations and you will see that you not only have everything you need but so much of what you’ve asked for as well. 



Be mindful of what you ask for. Your thoughts do create your reality- both good and bad


While I didn’t yet get the “big” version of everything I’m manifesting, I was able to experience the resonance of each. 

When you know the resonance of something, you can focus on it. The longer you focus on it, the stronger the resonance becomes and the faster it moves into your reality.


This is how manifestation works. 



Why not give it a go, lovely? 


Grab some colors and some paper and see what you can literally draw into your life 😁

Be sure to let me know! I love a good story 😍

Happy manifesting! 



PS- We could all use a little magic in our lives, why not share this with your friends and family and see what magic we can all create! 

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