Struggling to Maintain Your Energy Levels? Read on to Find Out Why AND What to do About it...

Hey, you beautiful legend...

I want to talk to you today about energy

I often get asked how to maintain, balance, or increase energy levels. 

Most of us have a lot on our plates so it’s totally understandable that this is a common query. 

To make this really simple, let’s look firstly at the basic principle of energy: 

Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transmuted or transferred.

Everything is energy, everything has a frequency or rate of vibration- including light, sound, food, water, and people

This means we get energy from these things OR these things take energy from us. 

Because you are an energy being yourself, you’re constantly working to maintain your frequency. Just as your body constantly works to maintain your body temperature, so to

you will either need to work harder or less hard to maintain your energy when other variables enter your field,

If you consume low energy, such as unhealthy food, poor light, no light, fluorescent light, negative music, contaminated water, negative people, etc you will find your energy being drained

If you consume positive energy such as healthy food, sunshine, positive or upbeat music, clean alkaline water, and positive people (or no people), you will find your energy levels increase significantly, or at the very least, it will be easier to maintain your energy.

Also because you are an energy being, you can transmute energy. You can use the Law of Polarity to move from a low vibration to a high vibration in order to increase or change the energy being experienced.

For example, transmute low energy into high energy simply by focusing on the opposite of what you feel or experience (sad-->happy, low-->high, tired-->energized, etc). 

By exercising regularly, you will increase your energy levels as well. 

If you put top-shelf fuel in your Ferrari, take care of it, get it maintenanced properly and regularly, you can expect your expensive sports car to last a while and run like a champ. 

If you put the bottom of the barrel fuel in your Ferrari and never get it serviced, you can expect it won’t even be able to race a junker. 

The bottom line is this: quality in, quality out; crap in, crap out. 

One last very important note- a lack of energy can have much to do with your view of yourself. If you do not value yourself, you will not give yourself quality; and not only will you have no energy because your fuel source is shite, your negative self-image will drain you as well. 

So, to eliminate one energy vampire, start with yourself. 

I want you to write down 5 positive self-affirmations right now. Post them up where you’ll see them regularly. Stop negative thoughts as soon as they start and change them to positive ones. 

Get in the habit of doing this and you will experience significant changes! 

Continue this process with external variables. If it’s low quality, negative, or anything opposite of the desired experience, eliminate it from your field, transmute the energy into the desired frequency, and continue to focus your thoughts and energy on ONLY that which is positive, uplifting, energizing, and of excellent quality

You deserve to feel and experience the best the universe has to offer. 

You must believe that in order to actually experience this. 

Believe it, beautiful. Nothing has ever been more true. 

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions on how to practice this, just drop it in the comments, email me, or shoot me a message on Facebook and I’ll be more than happy to help! 

Sending you lots of love and massively positive vibes! 



PS- Know someone who is feeling a bit drained? Send them these tips to help them get a much-needed energy boost!
Know an energy vampire? Send this to them as well so they can take the gentle hint to be more aware of their habits and shift to more positive behavior ;)   

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